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Optimized approach for cloud telephony

Cloud telephony or hosted telephony, is a voice and messaging service provided by Aleyo communications, that replaces the traditional business telephone equipment, with third-party VoIP service. Thus, it is a technology that moves your traditional business phone system to the cloud.

In the cloud-telephony, all the calls are routed through Aleyo Cloud Servers.

It is a mode by which enterprises and businesses could make or receive multiple voice calls and messages simultaneously, without investing in any additional capital infrastructure. Services like IVR, Call recording, Bulk messaging, Call conferencing, Custom greetings, Business hours etc. are only some of the many features we provide at aleyo communications.

How Aleyo Cloud Telephony System Works?

The call is made through the published number which is actually a Aleyo Cloud-Telephony number. Actually, the customer is not calling your offices lines or on your mobile directly. There is the extension where the call actually lands. Basically, the entire process gets migrated to Aleyo Cloud communications.

Aleyo Cloud-Telephony can be used for incoming as well as outgoing calls. It is used primarily for Incoming calls.

People were aware of call routing, IVR, call recording, analytics but not cloud-telephony and Cloud PBX.

Benefits of Aleyo Cloud-Telephony Migration
  • Managing multiple systems and phones at the same time
  • Scaling up or down, according to the demand and flow of staff or campaigns
  • Smartphones are an essential feature of modern business communications. Number masking gives you peace of mind
  • Business Continuity and progress
  • Aleyo cloud-based servers are capable of Call recording as per your wish
You can make and receive calls on,
  • Mobile Phone
  • Landline
  • Laptop
  • System
  • Apps