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Scalability for Contact center

How do you scale up and down quickly in a modern contact center? Whether you are a retail company scaling up for the holiday season, or a technology company to meet the sales target, or a health insurance company scaling up , a business process outsourcer scaling up or down for new projects from clients. Aleyo communication has years of experience and expertise to handle to scalability issues.

The most important thing is technology in place will help you scale quickly and easily.  Today whole contact center management platform need to seriously think about scalability issues.

Numerous customers shared how they used to wait weeks for their vendor to be available to work on their on-premises contact center systems. In today’s modern world, waiting weeks to have new agents added isn’t reasonable. To be more competitive and grow your business, you need the right technology and with Aleyo communications you have everything in one platform.

To be a successful Contact Center platform, you must be able identify and forecast the needs of your client requirement which at times can be  uncertain.   There are unpredictable spikes and events in the  contact center that causes longer holder times which can result in negative customer service experiences.  Longer hold times  can also impact sales depending on the line of business you are running.

We at aleyo communications provide highly reliable and scalable contact center solution. The Linux open source operating system has been proven to be a very stable and dependable operating system, arguably the best contender to the solidity of Unix. Based on the popular CentOS distribution of the Linux, We runs an enterprise-ready and proven version of this operating system. Due to the low costs of implementation for Linux-based systems, scaling our Contact Center horizontally (adding more servers) or vertically (adding more hardware resources such as memory or disk space) is a very straightforward and seamless process.